UI text - A lot of them or One big one?

I need to update in real time a long piece of string with the UI Text. The system that I am working on is something like a debug console. I was wondering which is better for performance to display a large amount of text with the UI text component.

More specifically, I was wondering the performance impact on adding a new line to the large string (maybe more than a thousand lines?) vs having a text component for each of the lines. I was also thinking of splitting it into chunks so each text has about 100 lines.

Do you guys have any good ideas on approaching this problem?

For better performance use single text object.

If performance is a big concern then:

  1. Disable Rich Text
  2. Disable Interactivity
  3. Disable Raycasting
  4. Restrain from using UI effects (Outline/Shadows)
  5. Use small text size