UI Text Font Size not working with World Space Canvas Scaler

Hello, I’m trying to make a world space UI Canvas, and notice that having the Canvas Scaler component enabled makes all Text elements no longer respond to font size. Is this a bug? If not, what is the intended method to adjust font size while using the Canvas Scaler component?

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a Canvas (GameObject>UI>Canvas)
  2. Set Canvas.RenderMode to World Space
  3. Set the Canvas’s Rect Transform width & Height to appropriate world space values (2 x 1 meter)
  4. Add a Text Object to the Canvas (GameObject>UI>Text)
  5. Adjust Text size and pos to fit within the canvas (Pos: 0,0,0 width:2 Height: 1)
  6. Set the Canvas Scaler’s Dynamic Pixel Unit to a reasonable value to see the font (3000)

The Text should appear on screen, but no longer respond to adjustments to font size.

The way I fixed this issue was adjust the dynamic pixel reference up and down to change the size of the text.

“The higher you raise DPPU, the smaller the maximum font size you can set. I used scale of transform and low DPPU.” - @Splendidus

The above comment had the answer I was looking for.

So for me I set Dynamic Pixel Per Unit to 1 and set my X and Y scale to 0.01