UI Text Not being centered

My UI text (newest Unity, 5.01f1) has some problems with the UI text not being centered. The bottommost line in a textbox is, sorta centered, but about 20 pixels too far to the left. Once the line wraps THAT line gets centered properly, but the new bottommost line becomes off-center. Any idea what’s going on? Picture attached.


Note - for anyone left wondering, it was the font itself, like the actual ttf file. No idea what the problem was but switching that font out for a different but similar one solved the issue. (And on the plus side, the new font looks way better.)

That has been noted as a bug and a fix is in the works. For a work-around, try adding an extra blank line to your text.

Tick Best Fit. Make a tiny change, such as hit spacebar and then delete it to allow the change to occur (it sometimes bugs for me).