UI Text problem

I am a beginner with unity 5.6 and while programming a 3D game, I found that my UI text was appearing in empty space rather than on my plane, like I wanted it to. I tried deleting the canvas, text, and event system and redid my game completely on a different project, but nothing has worked for me so far. Has anybody experienced this issue, and/or know how it can be fixed?

Go to Canvas:

  1. Select Render Mode, Choose Screen Space and make sure to choose the Display target 1 (If you have more monitors and have more cameras, you can mess with other display targets)
  2. Once you set the render mode, add a panel to canvas, you should immediately see a white overlay as panel by default works like that. You can change the color/alpha to remove the white overlay
  3. Now you can add text UI, make sure you anchor mode. Learn about anchors, what it basically does is stick the child UI position with respect to its parent UI position.