(UI Toolkit) Are there any high quality style sheets available somewhere?

I’m using UI Toolkit for a project. I like the style of the Unity Editor. But my experience so far has been that the default style sheets applied to a project are inadequate. Are there any “UI Template” or “Theme” options that people are sharing that have well designed styles?

I’ve seen some very odd things, like dropdowns having white text on white backgrounds, radio buttons have text that aren’t aligned properly. Working with the UI Toolkit debugger I’m making incremental progress and things are getting better, but I was hoping someone has been down this road already and there are some high quality style sheets available somewhere?

I’ve been working with UI Toolkit for 2+ years now for editor stuff and it’s great , one of the first things i noticed were the problems you mentioned, and one things i did that was really worth the effort (and that i would recommend) is making a “Bootstrap”-like thing but for USS.
It took sometime to make, but the whole idea is to have a global stylesheet asset that you included in all your editors that contains generic USS classes that are heavily used , and to have a bunch of dynamically generated classes on editor spawn.

  • The stylesheet would contains commonly used classes stuff like btn btn-large flex-col grow-1 etc … , just the main things used to compose and style a layout

  • the dynamic part involves iterating over the UI Document and scanning the classes to generate the needed ones on demand , for example , if a button has a class name w-150px , that class doesn’t necessarily exist in a stylesheet but i made a convension where if i see a class that follows the pattern w-[INT_LITERAL]px i just create that class dynamically ( .w-150px { width : 150px;} )

  • I also downloaded an icons pack and auto-generated “icon classes” from the image assets which were a very nice addition !

The idea is to have your own custom spacings and padding and styles already in the global stylesheet, and add the “unique” coloring from a separate USS file per editor if need be.

I would also recommend creating your own custom UI Elements , stuff like TabLayout GridLayout FilteredAssetSearch MeshPreview are all components that saved me potential hours or redundent work.