UI Toolkit, Gray out a button using a second button

I have been using UI Toolkit for a while now so I’m pretty familiar with how it works in Unity. What I am trying to do is have a button “deactivate” another button when pushed. I would like the second button to turn gray when the first button is pushed and not do anything. Inversely, I would also like to have a third button “reactivate” the second button.

Button 1- deactivates Button 2.
Button 2- normal operation until deactivated by Button 1 and undergoes a state change to gray.
Button 3- reactivates Button 2 to normal operation and makes state change of Button 2 back to normal.

Here’s a chunk of the code:

void Start () 

void SetupButtons()
	var Button1 = UIButton.create ("Button1UP.png", "Button1DOWN.png", 0, 0);
	Button1.highlightedTouchOffsets = new UIEdgeOffsets(10);
	var Button2 = UIButton.create ("Button2UP.png", "Button2DOWN.png", 0, 0);
	Button2.highlightedTouchOffsets = new UIEdgeOffsets(10);
	Button2.onTouchUpInside += sender => Debug.Log ("Hit button 2");
	//Button2.onTouchUpInside += sender => 
	var ResetButton = UIButton.create ("ResetUP.png", "ResetDOWN.png", 0, 0);
	ResetButton.highlightedTouchOffsets = new UIEdgeOffsets(10);


Solved. I created a second “gray” button below the buttons to be grayed out and used ‘.hidden’ to hide the active button above.