UI vs Scripts question - what's where?

As my collection of scripts grows in my (first) Unity (iPhone) project, I'm forced to wonder:

1) is there any way in the UI to see what objects the scripts are attached to? I know it goes the other way, but I want something like: highlight script and see what objects use it. (Yes, I know I can do a print(name), but that's not what I'm after. I really almost expected to be able to control-click a script and see this information.)

2) is there a way to find a function (OK: any text) across all scripts? (ie: which script holds function doThis(); ?

With my luck, I may have missed where all this is covered. If so, please point me at the proper docs.

Thankfully, noob-ness doesn't last forever. :-)


As to 1) - part (if not all) of this comes with Unity3: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2010/06/15/unity-3-feature-preview-asset-management/

As to 2) - As Wolfram mentioned, I would use an external tool to search in multiple files. For Windows, I can recommend Notepad++. Since Unity2.6 it can be connected with Microsoft Visual Studio, too.

No. 2.)

Not sure about Mac but on a Windows box the UniSciTE editor has a Find in Files function built in.

Choose : Search >> Find In Files. or Ctrl + Shift + F

I have been wanting this (a “reverse dependency” finder; a “What uses this asset?” function) also, and I haven’t found any other solution that does exactly what I want, so I wrote this editor script to do it: unifycommunity.com

drop it in your “Editor” folder; it should add a “What objects use this?” command to your Assets menu. (I have an update coming soon that will add a progress bar to it.)