UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend -- how to integrate in Info.plist.

I want to publish to IOS4.2 and disable multitasking. (Unless I disable it, levels start at the point the user left off. This would be good in a lot of games, but not this one.)

From what I've read so far, disabling multitasking is done in Xcode using an info.plist key: UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend YES

I've managed to add another row to plist and write the key with "YES" setting to the right. Doesn't work, though. Am I integrating UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend right?

If not, how do I integrate a new key in info.plist?

It should be a boolean. Writing "yes" as a string won't work. In the info.plist file viewed as plain text, it should look like this: