UIToolkit Foldout control does not appear to navigate correct with gamepad and keyboard.


If you have added a Foldout control with items inside added to a uibuilder uxml, and set the Focusable property of the foldout to true, navigation events for Gamepad and keyboard seem to be ignored by it. I am unable to, by default, using either keyboard or gamepad (only), open or close the foldout, or navigate to internal items. If I select the foldout with the mouse first however, it can be navigated and opened with keyboard and gamepad, until focus is lost once again when navigating away from it, then it reverts to being unable to be navigated to and manipulated by the keyboard and gamepad (Note that TAB/Shift-TAB will reach and select the foldout control, but arrow keys will not.)

This occurs when playing and testing in editor, I have not tested build behavior.

Expected Result:
If I have set the Focusable property of a Foldout to true, I expect its open/close object to be navigated to by default when using the gamepad controls and/or keyboard arrow keys, and that using the gamepad button or keyboard enter key will open or close the foldout when it is in focus. If the foldout is in focus and open I expect the next forward navigation step to select/focus on the first focusable child item the foldout contains and not skip them all.

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This issue is also occurring for me, are there any plans to fix this?
Currently reproing like OP described on Unity 2022.3.19f1 using gamepad. Setting the Focusable property to true doesn't make the dropdown focusable, having it set to false I can navigate through the foldout's children if the foldout is open.

I submitted a formal bug ticket for this around the time I posted this. It is claimed to be fixed in 6000.2.f1 however I am still on 6000.0.0 and I don't know if I will update beyond version as it is the last nonruntime fee build I can use afaik. I ended up ripping the foldout controls out of my UI design.

The runtime fee will only apply to the LTS release of Unity 6. It's still in preview and so the fee does not apply to those versions. All the info is here: https://unity.com/products/pricing-updates

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I know, but is 6000.0.2f1 downloadable? I have not found a link for it. It was my understanding that the 6000.0.0 preview release was not going to get any updates (I could be wrong) because the next release would be the LTS release.


The current one is 6000.0.4f1. You can download it in the Hub, as usual.

The correct statement is Unity 6 will get updates, currently it is in preview and on 6000.0.4f1 version. It is all preview until they say it is not anymore. No one said the preview won't get any updates.