uLink/uZone - Adding Properties to Nodes / Getting info

Hi there, I am trying to use uZone to add instances to a GUI list. And it works fine, except the one thing I can not figure out is how to add properties to the nodes it generates.

I would like to define a name for the room that other player’s can see, a quest title for their objective of the room, the current and maximum players, etc. & to let them set a password.

I don’t know if properties are the right way to do this, but I can’t find an option anywhere and help with uLink/etc is few and far between because it’s not very popular (none of the solutions seem to have good communities).

When this is called:


A game instance is started. I would like to be able to pass it the properties I listed above, and then modify my GUI to display the properties relevant to that instance.

Can anyone help?

Hello guys,

According to this diagram Zoned MMO Server Architecture in http://developer.muchdifferent.com/unitypark/General/ServerArchitecture
world servers, aka uLink Server, is able to connect only among themselves and uGameDB.

So, you should have your players state in the DB and when player come into world, you request its current game state and build interface, set world position, show quest information according th info from the DB. Just Like any other MMOs do :wink:

do you still have the uZone project files or uZone.zip? I need it for an old project im working on :smiley: