Umlaut shown as ?? in GUILayout.Button

I have interactions that have a name. This name is set in a script, like so:

public void Awake() {
    InteractionName = "Holz fällen";

And then shown in a GUI like so:

  • I am using MonoDevlop under Mac. The scripts are UTF8 encoded.
  • My GUI skin uses Arial, which contains German umlauts. I set Unicode for the font importer.

What else could be going wrong?

(I cannot set the name in the inspector at the moment, see other question.)

You may find the information you need here:

It mentions using UTF-16, and caveats with the default Arial font, particularly on the iPhone.

I used “notepad++” to convert all the c# scripts to “UTF-8” and then the umlaute worked.

check this: - YouTube