Unable create project nor learning

I would like to create a LEGO Microgame.
First of all, is there an alternative way to create it than going to New Project > Learning?

Following the official procedure, I get to a point where it tells me (see attachment)

Sorry, this Editor version does not support learning templates. Please choose another Editor version or template. To access all templates, choose version 2020 LTS or later.

Which I consider wrong, since I installed the latest 2022 LTS!
And I see no reason for LTS only to have access to learning!

I also find it strange that

The Hub is not permitted to create a project here. Please choose another location.

considering that the path where I want to save is on my local computer and not in a special folder.
However, if I manually create the folder then it lets me save. Until a few months ago I am sure it created the folder itself.
And I still don't understand why out of the blue it starts suggesting paths that don't exist.

9256311--1294824--unable create project nor learning.png

I am having the same problem, any solution?

Apart from the suggested paths that do not exist, but by manually putting in a path that does exist you can continue, there remains the problem of how to create microgames.
Since no one on this forum seems to know the answer, I will directly inform support@unity3d.com and bugs@unity3d.com of this post in the hope that the authors of the engine know what they are doing.
You can do that too.