unable to add new categories to enum

so i created an enumeration and declared a variable with the enum. I have been using it for a while and needed to add a new category to my enum. I added the new category, but i unity keeps telling me that a definition does not exist for the new category of the enum. A dropdown list populates and shows all of my old enum categories, but the new one simply will not show up. I have no compiler errors(except the no definition). I am rather new to enums, but i dont understand how i can access some of the categories but not all of them.

public enum CharacterState {
Idle = 0,
Walking = 1,
Trotting = 2,
Running = 3,
Jumping = 4,
Slicing = 5,
Aiming = 6,
Recoil = 7,
Recoil2 = 8,

(I’m unable to access Recoil or Recoil2)

remove the last comma after Recoil2=8

The last element doesn’t need a trailing comma. This should have caused a compile error but I’ve seen crazier things not produce errors.