Unable to check if grounded

Hello, I am just starting out in Unity and UnityScript and am trying to check if my 2D platform sprite is grounded. I am having trouble implementing the code from the 2d tutorial demo and have looked at a number of answers on here but must be doing something wrong as it’s still not working. Here is my code:

private var groundCheck : Transform;
private var isGrounded : boolean;

function Start () {

groundCheck = transform.Find("groundCheck");


function Update () {

    isGrounded= Physics2D.Linecast(transform.position, groundCheck.position, 1 << LayerMask.NameToLayer("Ground"));  

It doesn’t matter where my player is, isGrounded always returns False.

All help greatly appreciated

Here is an article I found which explains how to use Physics.OverlapCircle to check if object is grounded. Maybe it might help someone who is struggling to get this

Check Object Grounded