unable to disable game object after user input

i have a game object with attached particles.here i want to off the particles(game object) at the start time(in start()function)and if i press a button i want to enable or activate the particle effect which is attached to game object.i.e.,tanker back blast should happen only when missile is triggered.the way i used
public gameobject tankerbackblast;
//tankerbackblast.particleEmitter.emit = false;
tankerbackblast.renderer.enable = false;
//tankerbackblast.particleEmitter.emit = true;
tankerbackblast.renderer.enable = true;
i used both ways by accessing emitter and game object renderer in update function.
i have unchecked the one shot option of the game object(tankerbackblast)in inspector.
thanks in advance.

Maybe you lost AutoDestruct checkbox in ParticleAnimator… It destroy the object when no particles are active…

Otherwise, for cannonshot I use another method, I think is more simple:

// An empty gameobject child of cannon.
public Transform cannonBulletStart;
// The particles - Set OneShot and AutoDestruct = True
public GameObject shotParticles;

void Update(){
    Instanciate(shotParticles, cannonBulletStart.position, cannonBulletStart.rotation);

(Sorry for errors, I’ve wrote this code at the moment)