Unable to drag level into scene view.

I’m new to using Unity, and I’ve started off by doing the tutorial for a first person camera. I created my level in Blender (which just consists of two rectangle platforms), then put it in the assets folder of my project. The tutorial says I should be able to drag it into scene view, but when I attempt to, it says I can’t. Am I doing something wrong?

@save: It isn’t actually giving me an error message, it is just making my cursor a circle with a dash in it.

the format of the file does need to be an FBX file, but even if it is, you may still need to import the folder with all of the textures in first.


The problem is that Unity does not like you file type.

There is a certain file in Unity that converts the .blend to .fbx automatically when you import the .blend. But when Blender gets updated the file does not work , so the .blend can’t be converted. But, some forum members have found a way to fix the file that converts the .blends. So to get .blend file to work read the bottom post of this thread. (You might need to upgrade blender.) Or just export as a .fbx!

Hope this helps!

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