Unable to find option to activate trials

Hello all,

I’m sorry for asking this question which appears to have already surfaced here in various forms several times…Couldn’t find an exact situation like mine so I would really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

I would like to explore the Android trial and I’ve downloaded Unity 3.3 (“Free Full Version for Windows with Unity Pro and Android trials.”). From the various posts I’ve read, it seems that after I install and register the free Unity product, if I go to Help > Enter Serial Number, there should be some option for me to activate the Pro trial so that I can use the Android trial… However, when I do that, i get a message telling me that “This version of Unity has already been activated on this machine with a valid serial number…” and when I click Reactivate (the only button other than Cancel), I get the exact same wizard that I got when I activated Unity, i.e. no option to activate Unity Pro or Android trial.

As I have problems with activation via Internet, I have only the Manual activation option, so I’m hoping that this isn’t the reason why I can’t find the option to activate the trials :confused:

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

The pro activation is indeed a thing you do with the internet activation on the activation page where you choose this activation type. on the registration page where you can choose to go with free, the pro trial (if you never did it, you can’t enter it twice) or register your valid license key for the current machine you would then choose pro trial

unsure if there is a way remaining to do it in manual, doubt it though, as manual is to activate free or your registered licenses you optained before, it can’t ask the registration server for a trial key

Activated the trials at last :slight_smile:

For those out there like me with only the Manual activation option, you can request for an evaluation licence for the trials at “Have a question about one of our products? Looking for some educational materials? Interested in partnering with us? We'd love to talk. See how you can contact us.”. When you receive the serial number, use it (instead of clicking the “Free activation” option) with your Licence Request File at “https://store.unity3d.com/manual” in order to get your evaluation licence. :slight_smile: