Unable to find style 'small' in skin 'SceneGUISkin' Repaint

My networking code seems to run just fine, but I do notice the following warning in the logs:

"Unable to find style 'small' in skin 'SceneGUISkin' Repaint"

I'm using non-observed RPC and these warnings "appear" to be coming from some auto-generated code somewhere in the build. I'm not using a skin, just a couple simple if( GUI.Button...) style calls to test connecting to and starting the server.

Any ideas what the problem is here? I'm guessing its trying to serialize something along the way but have no idea what is going on. This problem only occurs after a client connects to the server.

I had this problem once and it turned out I was setting the GUI.skin outside of OnGUI which isn’t allowed. I would double check the code to make sure you aren’t making any GUI calls outside of OnGUI.