Unable To Fix A Simple Coding Error (Script Included)

Hya guys! I want to add a sound whenever spacebar is pressed but my console tells me I’m missing a closing quotation mark. This is what I have so far…

if (Input.GetKeyDown(:“spacebar”));
audio.Play(/Users/Reilly/RiverProject/Coding Test/Explosion/Assets/TestSoundFX.aif)

If you can figure out where it needs to be inserted, PLEASE tell me.

It’s not a quotation mark you’re missing; that code is unfortunately quite wrong in a number of ways. You don’t use a colon in GetKeyDown, nor is “spacebar” valid, and you don’t write a hard drive path for an audio file in Play (or anywhere). I think you need to read the docs…GetKeyDown tells you how to use that, and likewise for AudioSource.Play.