Unable to "hear" Audio when in Editor mode

Hi guys,

When working in Editor mode be able to scrub is really important. But it seems that audio (Audio Playable Asset) are unable to be played while scrubbing in editor mode. Is there any way to change that or is it the expected behavior ? It would be great to be able to hear sounds withoug having to switch to play mode.


Right now Audio track doesn't have preview mode.
Try this: https://github.com/keijiro/AudioPreviewTrack

Thanks !

You can adjust Timeline tracks while in play mode - it doesn't work for all situations, but you can be in play mode and make adjustments to track placement and the changes will be saved out of play mode. It's a work-around for sure, and Keikiro's new custom track would probably be much more what you are looking for.

Will this be fixed? We had to write our own as well ... for anything that requires syncing visuals to audio, its not really a great workflow to ask the artists to play every time they want to make a change. It would be great to have this built in ... its a standard enough use case, and if other people can do it, why not make it the default?

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Actually what I'm looking for is a built-in native way to sync audio when scrubbing even not in playing mode. Timeline seems the way to go to cinematic so Unity should expect people to use it and they should expect people to want audio in their cinematics and they should expect people to want to sync audio when in editor mode and when scrubbing.

So far I really like what Timeline could be in the future but there is so many flaws right now.

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I would like to state my frustrations as well with not hearing an audio track outside of play mode. Definitely expected functionality.

Keijiro's track is helpful except I still don't have a visual of the waveform, and it only functions in Editor.

I'm also having issues with audio doubling up & stuttering when the audio track is bound to an AudioSource.

Is this stuff fixed in the newer betas?

This is fixed in 2018.2.

check the 18.2 beta ;}

Rad thanks! I just checked it out and it works, delightful!

One thing, you guys missed the scrubbing functionality that Keijiro had in his (which is extremely helpful when editing)

I'm also having issues with audio doubling up & stuttering when the audio track is bound to an AudioSource.

I can't say on whether this issue is fixed. I haven't seen any logged bugs related to it. I would recommend filing a bug with a repro case if possible.

In 2018.2.0b2 the Editor is locking up when I try to view a Timeline I've created at runtime. The timeline window opens it fine, but then when I zoom out or scroll to the right it locks up. No fancy new feature for me :(

@SuppleTeets can you open a bug with all the repros steps for this issue?
we will have a look at it.

Dang, deadline pressures are preventing me from going back and getting you this. It would take a fair amount of time to figure out the repro steps I think, I apologize

So I think it's great that I can preview audio VO track from a timeline in editor; however, the weirdest thing is happening. My audio plays in edit mode, but won't play if the timeline is run in play mode. Has anyone else experienced this? It looks like the audio is set to like -72dB or something crazy low like that. Any ideas on what could cause something like that?

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Hmmm....Is the sound playing in 3D? Check both the spatial blend of the audio source and the timeline track. If the camera is in a different place in playmode, that might explain it.

Hey how to make this work in play mode we need audio scrubbing in playmode too!