Unable to Import http://System.IO

Hey guys, I’m really struggling over something normally easy… maybe I’m overlooking. I’m simply trying to import http://System.IO in UnityScript, but the // is causing the rest to comment out, which makes an error. The line I’m using is:
import http://System.IO;

Hopefully it’s something dumb I’m overlooking! Thanks a lot for the help!

You don’t use // anywhere in code except for comments, nor do you use http: for anything except WWW calls. The correct code is

import System.IO;

Someone is not proofreading their text. Typing system.io makes this site think you’re typing a web address. Use the code formatting to make it system.io.

You need to import System.IO, not System.IO. Where is your information coming from? WWW is for internet directories (at least, I’ve never seen sys-io used for web access).