Unable to install Unity 2018.2 from 2018.1.0f2 when following upgrade guide.

When following upgrade guide, I click my hd to download to, successfully downloads with Documentation, Android support and IOS support. When it enters the Install section it fails on every one saying it’s due to the folder of where my unity is at? Not even sure where the file says it’s trying to install. Tried numerous times with no success. Do I need to completely uninstall Unity and Reinstall updated version? Any help would be appreciated.

It could be a number of things.

I would suggest you download Unity Hub. It is Unity lastest launcher for Unity. It will allow you to download multiple version of Unity and will allow you to open your project with any of the version you have downloaded. It also makes it easier to download components like Android and iOS build. Though it is in beta it is very stable.

I highly recommend Hub. You can download whatever version you want to solve your problem! You would solve your problem and you will avoid hassle in the future too.

Here is the download 1.