Unable to Instantiate prefab. Prefab may be broken

Hey guys, I’m getting this message when I use the Collaborate feature, on my laptop everything is fine but when I try to open my project on my iMac I get these messages. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thank you in advance.

hey friends! the simplest solution for that is (Right click on the prefab and then hit Reimport)

Hello friend.

Prefab may be broken is usually a fact that a script in the prefab is not found or the prefab file is not found. Click apply on the prefab and check your console. If there are no errors about missing scripts, delete prefab and drag-drop game-object to create prefab again. If you are still having problems, post us some screenshots please!

I had this problem along with many others yesterday when I tried to open my Unity 2018.3 beta project in the official 2018.2 release… obviously it broke my nested prefabs wich 2018.2 doesn’t support. I suggest making sure you use the exact same Unity version in both machines.