Unable to modify SharedMesh in AssetBundle in Windows build

After loading the AssetBundle in the Windows build environment, I accessed the SkinnedMeshRenderer to modify the SharedMesh’s color values, but it doesn’t take effect.

Works fine in UnityEditor but Windows build environment
AssetBundle doesn’t seem to support write access to SharedMesh.

For reference, I am applying a Custom Shader.

I don’t know the exact cause and how to fix it.

Summary of what was tested

  1. After loading fbx file, accessing SkinnedMeshRenderer and modifying color values in SharedMesh works fine in UnityEditor or Windows Build.

  2. After exporting the fbx file as an AssetBundle in step 1, loading the AssetBundle file as a GameObject and accessing the SkinnedMeshRenderer to modify the color values of the SharedMesh is fine in UnityEditor but abnormal in Windows builds. Color values do not change