Unable to move object upwards at exact point - Unity

I am new in unity. Here is my scenario which I want to implement.

I have a enemy and a tower. Enemy collides with tower and move to the top of tower to escape from it. I am unable to move enemy at exact position of towers top.

here is my code:

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collider) {

  moveY = tf.position.y + 6; //6 is the height of tower

  tf.Translate(0, moveY, 0, Space.World);


If I use position instead of translate it moves to towers top position, but I want to walk the enemy towards top of tower. Using translate moves enemy more towards bottom. Pls help me with this

Like syclamoth is saying, just use 6 as moveY since Translate is simply adding this vector to the current position. So moving your enemy up with 6 units from its current location is

tf.Translate(0, 6, 0, Space.Self);

(* I’m using Space.Self because I assume your enemy has it’s own up vector pointing to where it wants to climb *)
You can also set the world position by

tf.position += new Vector3(0, 6, 0);