Unable to paint grass on terrain

I have searched all the possible solution but still unable to paint any grass using
Unity 2018.2, 2019.3, 2019.1 versions

  1. I have tried to turn the detail distance to maximum
  2. Set layout to default
  3. set texture quality to Full Res
  4. Set the opacity to 50+, brush size smallest … etc

But none of these methods work. Is it my problem with painting grass or what? But painting trees are working fine.
PS I am using HDRP

I have the same probleme… in unty 2018 hdrp I had the same probleme ,but someone made a shader for gtass and it works.
Is anyone here how know scripting shader?

Are you talking about a terrain texture or painting a grass mesh? If its a terrain texture, check how many terrain textures you have, unitys max is 8.