Unable to reference asset store class from one of my own scripts

I recently bought the Highlighter System from the Asset store. I am able to add the scripts that i have imported as components through the editor, but i cannot reference any of the added scripts from my code!

So i have Highlighter added as a component, but in my code, doing myObject.GetComponent() will give me an error saying that it cannot find the type or namespace Highlighter.

I have using HighlightingSystem; at the top and it cannot find the namespace or assembly.

See the images showing my Assets folder structure. Also note that the scenes supplied by the developer work as well and have no problem finding the referenced HighlightingSystem.

Why cant my scripts find the namespace?

DAmmit… i got it working… In visual studio you have to include the project. So in the solution explorer in the assets, Plugins/HighlightingSystem needed to be included (right click, include in project) and for some reason it wasn’t.

I will need to do the same with the other assets i have imported when i need to use them.