Unable to reference instantiated object into a variable on key press.

Object A instantiates Object B on key press. Object A has a variable, which should add Object B clones to itself, each time key is pressed. I’m really confused as to how to achieve this. This script is attached to Object A. I assigned Radius(Clone) in the Inspector as well, but when I run the code, it changes to None(GameObject). I’m currently getting NullReferenceException. Here is my code.

public GameObject radiusPrefab;

	void Start()
		radiusPrefab = (GameObject)Instantiate (radiusPrefab);
	void Update (){

			radiusPrefab = GameObject.Find ("Radius(Clone)");

I think your problem might be with the instantiate part, try this:

radiusPrefab = Instantiate(radiusPrefab) as GameObject;

Furthermore, there is no need to use a ‘Find’ function, it should be right there.