Unable to remove (Clone) suffix (with a possibly a related instantiation issue)

I am trying to create a new instance of a prefab, but it keeps appending the “(Clone)” suffix to the end of the new copies. I tried looking at similar questions, but none of them matched what I was trying to do.

Here’s the code I’m working with:

void generateChain(){
		GameObject newChain = Resources.Load("ChainPrefab") as GameObject;
		Rope2 newScript = newChain.GetComponent<Rope2>();
		newScript.PointA = GameObject.Find("Sphere");
		newScript.PointB = GameObject.Find("Point B");

		newScript.ropeDetail = (int) Vector3.Distance(GameObject.Find("Point B").transform.position, GameObject.Find("Sphere").transform.position);
		Rope2.AttachPoint spherePosition = new Rope2.AttachPoint();
		spherePosition.attachedObject = this.gameObject;

		newChain.name = "Chain";

As you can see, at the end I do change the newChain GameObject’s name to “Chain,” but this doesn’t do anything.

On a possibly related note, am I instantiating a new copy of the prefab correctly? I wonder because as you see above I modify some of its scripts prior to instantiating, as the chain itself is rendered upon instantiation, and needs to be set up prior to then. Is this the correct way to go about that?

var nc = Instantiate(newChain);
nc.name = “Chain”;