Unable to resolve packages if Hub is open when computer is put into hibernation mode for some time

Title says it all, and this is very much a Hub issue. Near as I can tell, this affects all versions of Windows that Unity runs on that support hibernation mode. To reproduce:

  • Open Unity Hub
  • Open Unity
  • Close Unity
  • Put computer into hibernation mode (I haven't tested with sleep mode) for 2 or more hours
  • Wake computer from hibernation
  • Open Unity
  • Open package manager

Upon doing this, an error will pop up in the console saying that packages can not be resolved. Attempting to manually resolve them or refresh the package list will not help. The only solution is to quit Unity and Hub, then open them again.

This seems to affect v2 and v3 equally and may require less time to set off. If I had to guess, Hub is doing some sort of internal verification process that gets interrupted by the various Windows standby modes.

Here's the specific error message. Because you can't sign out and sign back in from the Unity editor. It also CAN be fixed by just closing and reopening the Hub itself, but this really feels like a failure of the way access tokens are handled.


- Fixed login in editor after the computer was put to sleep

Despite the patch notes for the latest version of Hub's beta, this issue persists

Hub 3.0 has been formally released yet this issue persists.

This is still an issue. You can sign in through the editor to resolve it but this would be better resolved if the authentication process happened while launching the editor from Hub in the first place.