Unable to resolve reference 'nunit.framework' + Could not load signature of JetBrains.Rider.Unity.Editor.UnitTesting.UnityEditorTestLauncher


I am new to Unity, and I just took over a school project started by another team the previous years.

When I try to simply load the project and open it in Unity (using 2019.2.5), I get the following errors:

Error: Could not load signature of
due to: Could not load file or
assembly ‘nunit.framework,
Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=2638cd05610744eb’ or
one of its dependencies.
Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=2638cd05610744eb type:
unknown type member:(null) signature:


will not be loaded due to errors:
Unable to resolve reference
‘nunit.framework’. Is the assembly
missing or incompatible with the
current platform? Reference validation
can be disabled in the Plugin

I tried to look for those issues online, while there were similar errors, none of them seem to fix exactly what I am looking for. I am not sure either whether those two errors could be related or not or if they would affect the rest of the project since my teammates seem to be able to run the same code perfectly.

I am looking for any hint of what to research in order to fix these issues.

Thank you

Okay, i had this problem an hour ago. Basically, to get rid of it you must follow the path i am gonna show you in screenshot below and delete “cashe” file. Like this:alt text

Don’t mind the russian text though. This happens when you are reverting your Windows to the restore point. Windows just resets all the cashe and this happens. I hope that helps. (Bit late but anyways)