Unable to see game objects that I create properly

Hi, I’m obviously new to unity and I’m I cant see objects that I create properly. I can only see the outline of them when I select them from the hierarchy.

edit: heres a picture of my problem http://i.imgur.com/w96W8.png

You might be just seeing the collider of the object. When you click on an object in the hierarchy look in the inspector window and make sure the Mesh Renderer is checked. If it is then the model you are using might be very small and your only seeing the cube around it. Adjust the scale in the transform tab to enlarge it

Hi, Is your scene set to display Wireframe or Textured mode? (see the dropdowns at the top of your scene window).

If it’s already set to ‘Textured’, maybe your materials/meshes aren’t set correctly on your objects?

If you add a new Cube (GameObject > Create Other > Cube), does the cube display, or do you just see a wireframe?

Check you haven’t changed the Layers (top-right corner in your screenshot).