Unable to see grass texture

Hey folks,

I’ve tried the manual and the search option but still haven’t found a solution to making my grass textures visible. As I am new to Unity I am doing the examples by Will Goldstone.

I have added gras to my terrain by using the “Paint Details” option. However, I cannot see any gras when using the editor (Terrain settings > Detail Distance = 250). Even when zoomed in to the max, there is no grass.

However, I may point a camera onto my terrain, zoom in maximally to then see the grass. Unfortunately, this is not a perspective from which I may be able to work.

Is there a solution?

Best regards

Placing a small marker, like a tall cube labelled “ZZgoat meadow”, and then using it to position the camera (double click or F,) can sometimes clear up odd culling effects.

The problem is, edit mode doesn’t have an official camera transform.position, like when the game is playing. You have this imaginary “edit camera” which is more of an aim point + focalDistance + rotation then it is a position. This can confuse some of the Level of Detail stuff, such as grass. The camera seems to “count as” being at the last snapped-to object.