Unable to see platform(Unity Tutorial)

I’m following the Unity3D Platformer tutorial and have come across the following step:

Move Lerpz onto the raised platform with the Jump Pad (the niche with the yellow chevrons), near the Jail. (See the screenshot on the next page.)

However, I do not have ANYTHING visible in my scene except for Lerpz. I’ve got all the layers enabled. Here’s an example so you can see what I’m seeing.

I’ve tried zooming in, out, right click and WASD moving and can’t find anything else in the scene. Any suggestions?

This may sound really basic, but have you tried closing Unity, then opening your project from scratch?

Also, did you ever see the platforms, or has this only happened at that step? The assets might be corrupted or imported improperly. Check the inspector and check if they have a mesh renderer on them.