Unable to upload full WebGL build to 000webhost

I wrote a website (with 000webhost) that lets you upload WebGL games and play them on there, but I’m having an issue uploading a complete build. My process is:

  • Create a WebGL build
  • Compress it into a zip file
  • Upload the zip file to the server using an HTML form
  • Have the server extract the zip file using PHP code so that the game is playable

When I try to upload a completed game, I get these errors:

It almost looks like the entire form failed. I took some of the files out of the zip file and was able to successfully upload the file, but that breaks the build. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a way to fix it?

not really in php, but i tell you for windows asp.net web server,
allow to execute index.html and updad all the files into folder,
by using ftp or webdav, than write http://servername/webglfolder/index.html
because zip and gz has special headers meta of compression that are optional needed, it is more easy to copy the files uncompressed.
3. Use File Manager to upload your already created website to public/index.html to render in the browser for visitors. the grey upload arrow at your free webserver panel