Unbuild / Extract files from build

Hi, unfortunately my hard drive broke down recently due to old age and files cannot be removed from it. I occasionally double my folders but I never thought the whole hard drive would go.

I did however save the build to a usb stick jumpdrive to show a friend.

Is it possible to “unbuild” the project to get my files back?
I looked inside and didn’t see the folders as they were in the project.

It’s not critical though since it was only for fun, with me just creating things as they occured to me.

However it was 1.5 - 2 years of scripting,debugging,modeling. So it would be really nice to get it back.

Well, the Unity3D Obfuscator can unpack a webbuild file (*.unity3d). The files that gets unpacked are almost the same as in a standalone build. All your assets (models, textures, sounds, prefabs) are packed into .assets files which seems to be in the same format as the generic .asset files so it should be possible to just import them back into a unity project after you changed the extention to .asset. However beside the .assets files it will also unpack your mono script DLLs. From those you can recreate most of your code (almost everything except coroutines) with a C# reflector like ILSpy.

That’s all not officially supported by Unity so no guarantee.

try this

@disunity.bat bundle-extract webbuild.unity3d

I’m sorry to hear you lost all that work, but I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to do this, and while I’m sure it’s technically possible, I hope that if anyone else knows, they won’t answer to tell you. My reason being, such unbuild tools would be usable by pirates and thieves looking to steal and rehost other people’s web games on their own sites for profit without permission, in order to remove or disable features that people implement specifically to prevent exactly that from happening. And yes, this does happen, constantly. I’ve found half a dozen sites hosting a simple GBA game I made in 48 hours for a Ludum Dare compo (#4, years ago), without bothering to ask my permission first, and that was unfinished and barely playable!

I really am sorry that you’ve lost a year and a half’s worth of work; I’ve been there myself before, in many cases losing the builds along with the project files! Eventually, it taught me the importance of keeping backups. Remember this lesson better than I did, took losing all of my project files half a dozen times before I finally started making regular backups of my work!

(Old question… I know. But maybe someone come here for an answer, like me.)

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