Unchecked Development Build - Export is still a a Development Build.


I’m having a problem with the export of a Scene. I’m trying to export to a Webplayer, and I did a few exports first with Development Build & Debug Console Checked. Now I unchecked both and it still gives me a development build with the console.

Any ideas how I can solve this?

I also disabled an Audio Listener, but in the Build, it’s still active… But I don’t know if those 2 problems have anything to do with eachother.

With the webplayer, I have noticed that even with Development Build not selected in Unity, you can still see the “Development Build” text in the corner. This is because your web browser plugin is running in development mode - this can be changed by Right-Clicking on the Unity3d web player content and going to Release Channel and deselecting Development.

As for the audio listener - that would be unrelated to the development build, and without more information I can’t help there. Are you saving the scene? Are there other audio listeners that might be receiving the sound apart from that one?

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