Understanding Unity Profiler GFX Memeory

I am making a game and all of my texture sizes on the hard drive is 10 MB
When I’m trying to build the title scene I get a huge GFX number which i don’t understand why.
Can someone have a look and give some suggestions ?

Total Number of textures that i use for the animations are 27 (wich are packed with unity texture packer)

Compression? It’s most likely uncompressed in memory, lets consider 1024 as your max size is set to that. Also you have 1621 individual texture’s allocated.

If you have a 8bit png 4 channels loaded completely uncompressed in memory.

The dimensions : 1024 x 1024 = 1048576

Lets say you have four channels, rgba
1048576 x 4 = 4194304

At 8 bits per channel: 4194304 x 8 = 33554432 bits
Lets convert to Megabytes
33554432 / 1024 / 1024 = 32MB

32 Megbytes for one 1024x1024 texture in memory. You can see it would pretty easy to get into the 100’s of megabytes quickly. You’re using truecolor :slight_smile: