Understanding world space UI

I’m playing around with world space UI and have problems understanding how the text size is determined. My understanding was that “dynamic pixels per unit” just determines the render resolution which should only affect the text quality, but not the text size. This seems to be the case at lower values, but at higher values changing this value also changes the text size.

I have a UI canvas and text, both with height and width = 2.0

With “dynamic pixels per unit” = 100 and font size = 1 the text is far too big. Also, the font size is an integer, so i can’t use that value to reduce the size.

At “dynamic pixels per unit” = 1000 the text is a little smaller, but changing the font size does not change the text size. The same happens with increasing values.

So bottom line is: The font size setting is mainly ignored and the only way to change the text size is through experimenting with the “dynamic pixels per unit” value.

Either i totally misunderstand how the system works or this is completely bugged.

Not sure of the official method, but i usually use the scale function on the text itself. (Also on the parent of it can help sometimes)