Underwater Effect?

How would I do an underwater effect like this:

This is my underwater effect:

As you can see the underwater effect in the first image (Far Sky) is much nicer because of the fog/background. How would I be able to achieve a fog/background effect like the one in the first image?

Thank You!

Change the clipping planes value on the camera so it doesn’t clip as far…that’ll cause it to fade in a little closer. Use a foggy skybox to give the illusion of distant fog. You can also use a single transparent blue texture to colorize everything a little blue as if you were looking through water, though some people would hassle with making a shader for this.

If you use the blue/transparent texture then as Graphics_Dev mentioned, you’ll definately want to brighten up the colors in your game to offset the effect a little bit.

Look for an underwater skybox on the Asset Store. If not, maybe make bubble particles?


This might help- Creating basic underwater effects in Unity | by Mukul Khanna | Medium