Underwater Effect

Hi, I was just experimenting with the advanced water in Unity. I had it so that the water was opaque on both sides, but I wanted it to be transparent. I managed to adjust the fresnel, etc. to make it transparent when looking at it from above, but when you go underneath it and look up at it the water is completely opaque. I’ve tried adjusting a multitude of properties but I can’t get the underside to be transparent. Also, I don’t have Unity pro, which is probably the biggest problem, but is there a way to make it work without it? Thanks in advance. Maybe it has to do with the shader? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

from my comment :

You can make the free water transparent, check my answer here

This answer will get the simple water mesh double-sided.

Another great answer by Aldo for adding underwater fog settings.

Edit :

I do not have pro, this works.

1 : Scene with terrain and Daylight Simple Water (2 cameras to show above and below water)

2 : After modifying the FX-Water Simple shader

3 : Don’t forget to modify the alpha value

4 : After adding the double-sided mesh script to the water object