UNet - Change scene in LAN

I’m trying to have players change scenes after everyone is connected and setup. I’m using custom network discovery and broadcasting (extending from those classes) I don’t want to use the default “Online Scene” and “Offline Scene” since the players can choose multiple scenes to load, not just one.

It is also important to note I do not want to use the “UseNetworkManager” variable, in this instance I do not want to use that.

I can’t find any documentation on this, and haven’t been able to find anything current on switching scenes with LAN.

Would I just need to setup an rpc/command that stops the stream then sends a normal change scene call? Or is there a special call for it in LAN with network discovery and broadcasting?

I have players connecting in all that, just can’t find anything on changing scenes and handling that.

Thank you very much!

So I guess I was just being foolish. My LAN content extended the network manager, but I didn’t have the variable turned on that said Use Network Manager, so I didn’t think I’d be able to use those calls for some reason.

So if anyone comes across this issue you can just call NetworkManager.singleton.ServerChangeScene(“SceneName”); and it should work.