UNET Commands calling advice. Calling Commands from CHILD object

Hello, developers!

I’ve faced a problem within my creature’s system in UNET. I’m having a main Creature class (NetoworkBehaviour) and bunch of other classes wich describe creature’s behaviour (Patrolling, Attacking etc); this classes (decorators) are attached to crature’s child gameObject “Behaviour”… So this describing classes (decorators) should send commands and rpc’s to other clients in all, derive from NetowrkBehaviour.

So, i’ve found out that only root gameObject (“Creature”) should contain NetoworkIdentity so only this root object can send Commands and call rpc’s but child object’s want to do this too…!

I don’t want to attach a lot of components (Patrolling, Attack, Yell etc) to one root gameObject and at this time a dont wanna break my creature’s system architecture. So how to organize all this stuff?
Or should i eventually attach all components to root obj?


Hi, i have the same problem.
Any solution?

@epicVoodoo have you made progress?