Unet handle rooms

In many online game, like fps, the game has many rooms and lobbies.

In Unet, I know NetworkLobbyManager, but it isn’t what i want.

I want to make one server instance and it can handle all rooms and lobbies.

For example,

C and D in lobby

A and B in room 1,

E and F in room 2(match started)


A and B in same waiting room scene,

E and F in same battle scene,

but C and D in lobby scene

Can i use unet api to setup server has these future? Or has another way without using third-party framework?

You need to fully understand how the NetworkManager and NetworkLobbyManager work to create your custom scripts, and edit the behaviour.

Personnaly I don’t use the lobby manager, I just created my own Network script inheriting of NetworkManager and changing its behavior.

Just do the same with the lobby script, and read the documentation to know which functions to override.