UNET How do I transfer "Player" into another prefab?

I’ve been following some tutorials and I now have the very basics down enough that I have a game where I can control a guy running around and see the other client’s guy, but one of the main features of where my game is going is to be able to “jump in vehicles” and move them around. I have a helicopter and a nice script to switch controls in single player mode but in the networked mode this gets a bit hairy, especially making it to where the NetworkManager will recognize my vehicle as the main player and make “isLocalPlayer” work with it. Any suggestions?

It looks like you would use this method:


I’m not sure if that can be called from the client, my guess is it needs to be called on the server. So you’d need to use a server Command to replace the player object.

An alternative would be to have a constant player object, and just swap out child objects. Or swap out renderers.