UNET Matchmaking Filter Issues

So I have been messing with the new matchmaking system through UNET and I am having some problems with the match attribute filters. I have set up the matchmaking system to a point whereas I can create a match successfully on a server and then pick up that match on another client. The CreateMatchRequest class has a Dictionary called matchAttributes that would appear to setup different attributes that the client can filter against. So I set that up with something like this:

CreateMatchRequest create = new CreateMatchRequest();
create.name = "GameName";
create.size = 4;
create.advertise = true;
create.password = string.Empty;
create.matchAttributes = new Dictionary<string, long>();
create.matchAttributes.Add("GameType", 1);
NetworkManager.singleton.matchMaker.CreateMatch(create, OnMatchCreate);

The whole creation pipe goes through fine with the “GameType” attribute presumably set to the value: 1. So after that I set up my request on the client with something like this:

ListMatchRequest request = new ListMatchRequest();
request.pageNum = 0;
request.pageSize = 20;
request.nameFilter = string.Empty;
request.matchAttributeFilterEqualTo = new Dictionary<string,long>();
request.matchAttributeFilterEqualTo.Add("GameType", 2);
networkMatch.ListMatches(request, OnMatchList);

I am using the matchAttributeFilterEqualTo dictionary which should match against the server’s “GameType” attribute and and return false since they have different values. However, I am still getting that server from the ListMatches function. So I am just curious if I am using this system incorrectly or if there is some other issue here. Thank you in advance for your help.

Contrary to the Unity documentation, Unity actually doesn’t support MatchAttributes yet (not in Unity 5.3 or even 5.4)