Unet & Mono.Nat

Personally, I can’t stand cloud hosted servers that I don’t get to set up myself. Due to this, I didn’t want to use Unity Multiplayer but I liked the ease of use of Unet. Due to this I did a bunch of reading on how I could get around it.

In the end I found this forum post:
Forum Post

Which offered an interesting solution, To use Mono.NAT to preform a nat punch through on a lan game and then set up a custom server list. Now the tutorials linked on how to set up mono.NAT are very straight forward but I am unsure as to where abouts I need to put the code?

I assume its somewhere in the network manager script but I don’t know where exactly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Ok turns out that all I had to do was create a new c# file that was purely the following code:

using Mono.Nat;
public class punchthrough {

	public punchthrough(){
		NatUtility.DeviceFound += DeviceFound;
		NatUtility.DeviceLost += DeviceLost;
		NatUtility.StartDiscovery ();

	private void DeviceFound(object sender, DeviceEventArgs args)
		INatDevice device = args.Device;
		device.CreatePortMap(new Mapping(Protocol.Tcp, 2033, 2033));
		// on device found code
	private void DeviceLost(object sender, DeviceEventArgs args)
		INatDevice device = args.Device;
		device.DeletePortMap(new Mapping(Protocol.Tcp, 2033, 2033));
		// on device disconnect code

I sent the file to a few others and it appears to punch through fine on port 2033

Hi. I just startet to look into Mono.NAT.

Once the port map is done, do I host the server on the internal IP (I create the port mapping like this: device.CreatePortMap(new Mapping(Protocol.Tcp, 25000, 25000)):wink: (or just and then tell people to connect through the IP I get from device.GetExternalIP().ToString()?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: