UNet Network Transform not Sync

I have the problem that the Network Transform not getting synced over the network.

→ The old Network View works fine

I start the server with → Network.InitializeServer(32, 25002, useNat);

I also registered the Prefab i want to spawn.

I spawn the object with → Network.Instantiate…

The object spawn´s on every client but in the Network Info of the object:

And the Natwork Transform not sync when i move it in the Editor:

The Network Transform look like this:
alt text

I Dont know what can i do.

With the old Network View it´s working fine but i want to use the Network Transform.

I DONT use a Network Manager.

Thanks for the help

You are mixing UNet with the legacy networking system (RakNet). “Network.InitializeServer” and “Network.Instantiate” are part of the legacy networking system. You may want to read through the UNet tutorial.

ps: If you actually want to use the legacy networking system you can’t use NetworkTransform / NetworkIdentity. Note that the legacy networking system had many problems which are solved in UNet. Specifically UNet finally implements real authoritative servers, implements proper network object tracking (no buffered RPCs mess anymore) and also provides a network solution for WebGL using websockets.