UNET NetworkLobbyManager - Why getting error when returning to lobby: SetClientOwner m_ClientAuthorityOwner already set!

Hi there,

I created a Lobby-System similar to this one.
Within my custom NetworkGameController, which is active during the lobby’s playScene, I call lobby.SendReturnToLobby() in Order to get back to the lobbyScene when the game finished.

This works as intended and everything seems to work just fine, but I’m always getting the following error (including stacktrace):

SetClientOwner m_ClientAuthorityOwner already set!

MPITNumberController:<ShowTimeIsUpDialog>m__5() (at Assets/Scripts/Controller/InformationTheory/MPITNumberController.cs:313)

I was just wondering why I get this error / how to avoid it.


try that.

Hi guys, I am happy to tell you that I found this bug has been fixed in Unity5.4.0f3.