UNET Online Match Making?

I am developing a 2d multiplayer online game.there will be 8 players in every room.
But ı cant find that how can ı create a online match making with UNET.
there is already a local multiplayer system included in UNET.but ı want to make that players can connect each other from internet

ı used legacy unity networking.and in legacy networking we can create servers and register on master server without making any payment.
peoples creates their own rooms on their machines and clients could be joined rooms.

ı dont want to use Photon Cloud because of price. Is there any option for free?

I’m afraid there is no free option, however unity matchmaking does come with a few spaces for free development.
You could try making a server browser(like team fortress 2), or setting up a website(like Minecraft) that people can show their own hosted servers on. Also you could code your own matchmaking system that has integrates unet by having a central server which contains ips of user hosted servers.

Unity networking does work over the internet, you just need to port forward the port that is shown in the network manager (default 7777), and there are plenty of guides available on how to do that.

Hopefully some of that makes sense and helps you.